The neighbourhood Socialite

I’m registered in some kind of neighborhood social network site. Usually I avoid social networks like the pest but with the people living nearby I can see some value to it. Anyway, some woman posted there that they “lost a right children’s shoe (exactly like in the figure)”.

The figure showed a left shoe.

So I sat there feeling my OCD slowly taking over. I knew I shouldn’t correct her. I know exactly what she meant and everyone else will too. But … it’s wrong! Arrrgh.

I started to compose a reply with no real intention of sending it, as I sometimes do (“The figure shows a left shoe. But I can somewhat imagine the right one.”) And then I accidentally sent it. There’s some fucking shortcut on that site - Shift+Return I think? - that sends a post. Now everyone will avoid me in my part of town. People will change to the other side of the street saying: “There’s THAT guy.” What have I done? Help!

EDIT: I ended up waking up that night at 3am from a nightmare. Then I remembered that you can delete posts in the app. And so I did. With some luck no one ever saw it.