The ancient Greeks had no word for Blue

The ancient Greeks had no specific word for Blue.
In fact their whole color perception must have been very different than ours. Not for biological reasons but because of how language influences our perception and minds. This excellent article by Erin Hoffman on Clarkesworld goes far beyond this curiosity and makes enlightening points about the relations of such diverse phenomena as synesthesia, metaphors, onomatopoeia and our perception of the world.

To a certain extent, we are all synesthetes, and […] this inherent interconnection between our cognitive functions is intrinsic to the most beloved traits of humanity: compassion, creativity, ingenuity. What, after all, is an idea, but one flash of thought leaping across the mind to suggest novel possibility?


Update 31. July 2017, 15:39:14
Here is an interesting explanation on that finds other aspects than just color in those Greek descriptions: