Rogue Zero

I watched 20 minutes of “Everybody wants some!!” (2016) by Richard Linklater which is supposed to be this warm hearted nostalgic look at youth in the 1980s. But I quickly found myself increasingly hoping Kurt Russell would show up and rip with his car through these college kids. Which I didn’t feel when I watched Death Proof actually.

On a more positive note I re-watched Star Wars Rogue One two nights ago and the worst I could say about it is, that I wish it was longer, the characters more fleshed out. I would like to see a prequel on the adventures of Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus. Never going to happen.

But Rogue One was the adult Star Wars movie I had hoped for, with an appropriate downbeat ending that stays in mind. I also heard similar good things about Solo, which I have yet to see.

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