Profondo Rosso

I just watched the first half of Profondo Rosso and it took a while to get used to the non sequitur dialogue, the theatrical set at the Blue Bar, reminiscent of Night Hawks and the unrealistic acting, ie the commissario heartily eating a sandwich at the murder scene, the reporter offering sex out of the blue and so on.
This artificiality and the protagonist’s face reminded me of something. After about half an hour I knew it was Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up from 1966 where the same David Hemmings had also played a murder witness in a similarly artificial production. It’s not exactly my cup of tea though it’s visually impressive and certainly entertaining.

//Note: I’m going to be really disappointed if the murderer is Carlo’s gay friend.

//Crap, it’s probably the reporter. Eye shadow and strong arms.

//haha, she dies writing a final message. The murderer definitely has the best music. (not the canzone bambini)

Final verdict: Well this got a lot better in the second halve. Some beautiful old house exploration and funnily gruesome deaths. Carlo and the commissario were terrible actors. But I loved the reporter. That scene with her disposing of his former girlfriend’s photo and dancing out of the apartment for a holiday in Spain was quite priceless.
I can’t help but wonder if David Hemmings popularity somewhat derived from the fact that he resembled Paul McCartney, but either way he’s likeable and mostly believable.