Mark Zuckerberg's Mail

A drowning man will clutch at a straw. And I imagine that it must have been with that desperate sentiment with which Mark Zuckerberg sat down and composed this text-only mail to me today. And he was so saddened by this loss that he even forgot it was text-only.

Hi Kolya,<BR><BR>We have received a request to permanently delete your account.
Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted
within 14 days. <BR><BR>If you did not request to permanently delete your
account, please login to Facebook to cancel this
Facebook Team

Yeah, right. But I won’t budge!<BR>Not this time. I am determined to end my Facebook existence which never really took off, partly because my friends are a pile of conformist airheads who brought me there through subtle peer pressure (Oh! I thought I’d invited you!? Didn’t you get the invite? On Facebook!) No, actually I only created that account so I could access the Facebook chat API through a setup that is too awesome and too difficult to explain here, I’ll just say that it includes Bitlbee. And actually that’s it. But anyway. Mark Zuckerberg, I drink your tears!
I have fallen victim to another addiction that is much more fun and kinda old school, at least it feels old school, because I am listening to the radioooioioiouuuuiiiehscrrrrrrrtch. Well really I’m listening to podcasts, but that’s just a fancy way to hear my favourite radio show right now which is Sanft & Sorgfältig with Olli Schulz and Jan Böhmermann! recordscratch Yes, these guys save my day now every day. And they might save yours as well, if you understand. Thanks for reading!