La ragazza di Trieste

I have taken it upon me to correct the subtitles for the 1982 Italian film “La ragazza di Trieste” (The girl from Triest). The only available subtitles online are quite sketchy and my DVD has none at all. My enterprise is not made easier by the fact that I don’t actually speak Italian. I merely have some basic understanding, partly through Latin. Apart from the existing subtitles (which I’m about to correct), I have a German dub (which is atrocious in it’s own way) and the google translator at hand. I don’t see what could possiby go wrong. awesome.png

After translating the first 10 minutes beach scene which had a lot of very obvious mistakes (eg “Ciao!” does not mean “Hi!” when someone’s leaving) I came to a scene that really convinced me to keep at it: In this scene the aging comic artist Dino talks with the girl he picked up on the beach (Nicole). In the original subtitles he states the nature of the woman he is drawing in broken English: “Provocative, but not Knowledge.”
To which Nicole replies “Like me?”
He: “I said without Knowledge.”
At first I ssumed that Dino holds Nicole for a stupid little girl. But once I figured out the original Italian speech and re-translated it, what’s actually being said is this:
“Provocative, without knowing it.”
“Like me?”
“I said without knowing it.”
Instead of calling her stupid this is a rather clever little logic trick! Awesome.
I might eventually have to ask for your help, xdiesp, to check my translation as a native speaker.

The Girl from Trieste