Buonasera Dottore

Since I’m knee deep in this 60s Italian vibe (I think it’s a sort of overcompensated winter depression that I’m going through) here’s a video by Claudia Mori who is the wife of that grapes stomping dude above in real life. But in this song she is the other woman who calls her lover (Franco Morgan) at home, while he pretends for his wife that he’s talking to a doctor.
She asks when he can come to her, if his wife is near, if he loves her and she speaks about how she can’t sleep and that she’s wearing the perfume that he bought for her. You know, all those sweet nothings. He answers her while still trying to keep up the façade of an official telephone call (which is just a bit funny). In the end she allusively threatens to commit suicide (“I might even die”) on which he finally agrees to come by. It’s really dramatic stuff. kekeke.png